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Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Finale Thoughts

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Well done Sakurasou Well done

Endings can drastically change an outlook on a series. It’s the show’s last chance to win you over or lose you. In Sakurasou’s case I’m happy to say the former. Over this whole series Sorata has changed immensely as the lead from his apathetic snappy persona to his developed dream driven character that he finishes with. You can’t forget about the other residents of Sakura Hall though.They each had great character progression and I enjoyed seeing them develop as people and as friends. Mashiro Shiina was the catalyst for the whole series and she was quite the engima. Her hard working demeanor forced everyone in Sakura Hall to re-evaluate what it is they really want in life. Bonus points that she was a riot to watch and was always destined to win the love triangle (Sorry Aoyama shippers OTP won out this time)

At it’s best the show was heartfelt and profound but at it’s worst it reached Korean Drama lows. Sorata learns about who he is as a person but he comes to the same self revelations multiple times which FRUSTRATED ME A LOT as a viewer. The way he gets to said revelations are nearly identical with him getting mad at Mashiro which, when looking at the series as a whole, is a disappointment. However he does change significantly which is a lot more than other similar protagonists can say.

Sakurasou had above average production values for a JC Staff show with some truly breathtaking visuals at times. My favorite is the one when Sorata is running up the metaphorical stairs chasing Mashiro. It really is disheartening that the show sold poorly when it really is one of their better shows in recent years. Definitely of a better quality than Little Busters which will keep JC Staff afloat this season.

Overall, I’m glad I stuck with the show. An 8 out of 10

Other Thoughts
– The new Kouhai seem interesting characters, guess I’ll have to read the source material to see how they turn out
– Um lol at Misaki for turning in the marriage form!? Does Jin know?
-DAYS OF DASH!! Couldn’t agree with a more fitting ending


Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 20 Thoughts


I can never get enough of Genki Misaki XD

This week was all about petitioning for the life of Sakura Hall. A mostly entertaining episode except some of my personal gripes with characters popped up again. As Ryunousuke put it, Sorata is a very short term thinker always acting on his emotions. It isn’t until he’s made mistakes to realize he screws things up. Thank god for his friends around him to let him know when he’s being a dumbass. Ryunousuke has always been one of the more interesting characters in the series and the flashback this week was reflective of that. Deep down he’s a softie like everyone else at Sakura Hall, it just takes a little more prodding to get it out of him. At this point in the story, I wouldn’t be surprised if the gang actually failed at saving Sakura Hall and instead went their separate ways. Mashiro at the end there was speaking a little cryptically talking about how she’ll save Sakura Hall. Unless I’m reading too deeply into it, Mashiro seemed like she was planning to leave for everyone else’s sake…