My Fall 13 Favorites So Far/What Happened to My Previous Post?


Koto knows how great of a season this is for anime

Hello again everyone!

I know I haven’t been writing as much as I could have lately. Aniblogging has just simply been lower on my priority list these past couple of months due to schedule changes/work/etc. I’m keeping up with shows when I can and can give my quick thoughts on the cream of the crop


Kyousougiga – Drama/Historical/Sci-fi

If you consider yourself a fan of animation, you really have no excuse not to watch this. What Toei has managed to achieve so far with this story about a quirky family’s birth and separation is nothing short of spectacular. It’s one of those series that has a near perfect combination of visual, sound, and story direction.


Samurai Flamenco – Comedy/Superhero/Action

While the premiere wasn’t what I expected based on the few promo art I saw going in, Samurai Flamenco surprises me week in and week out. What the show does right, apart from its great writing and interesting characters, is it knows how to escalate itself. I’ll leave it at that for spoilers sake


White Album 2- Drama/Romance

The premise itself may be nothing special but what elevates this above the rest is its execution. Kind of a cheap word I know but there’s really no other way to describe it. The drama actually makes the audience invested in what’s happening to the cast. What makes this possible is that the characters feel like real people and treat each other as so. The cast actually say what’s on their mind instead of keeping quiet which leads to one of the lowest forms of drama, misunderstandings.

Keep your eyes peeled in the next week or two for the post that I previously promised you guys. Till next time


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