Devil Survivor 2 Final Thoughts

Devil Survivor 2

The first anime of the Spring shows I’m following ends today. Did I hate it? Love it?  

The first of the Spring shows I’m following has ended. Going in it had a lot going for it. A director with a mostly good track record, prolific voice actors, and an intriguing premise. However it would seem that my anticipation was sadly misplaced. As the show progressed, the elements failed to come together in that special way to produce the next hit for me

Devil Survivor 2 has no qualms killing its characters which is a good thing for this type of show. In fact they kill everyone off except the main character(until the last episode). However I’m given no reason to care about these deaths and they don’t really push the plot forward in any meaningful way. Character development was sparse save for Hibiki and even then it would be considered average at best. Perhaps they had to sacrifice it due to the show’s length of a single cour to tell the story it wanted to tell, who knows

Hibiki as a protagonist isn’t really all that interesting and is very by the books. Every character type you can think of has been done before so I’m not saying he was cliche because everything is technically cliche. It’s the little tweaks that make certain ones rise from the rest and Hibiki disappointingly lacks those special traits.

One of the positives I have to highlight are the anime’s production values/presentation. The world and character designs are very easy on the eyes. I even liked the CG which was put to good use showing the world slowly fading away whenever the Septentrions wreaked havoc on the world. The soundtrack was very fitting to the tone of the show showcasing an eclectic mix of rock, synth, and choirs. I enjoyed the music of the show so much, Devil Survivor 2 has my vote for favorite Ending of the season.

To sum up my thoughts succinctly,

Decent production values and premise but lackluster characters and writing/story execution




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