Little Witch Academia – Japan Inheriting What Disney Left Behind

Akko getting ready to dominate the anime scene

Akko ready to dominate the anime scene

Where to begin with this gem… perhaps a little history?

Currently gathering critical and commercial success around the world, this OVA was produced by the relatively new Studio Trigger as part of the AnimeMirai Project. AnimeMirai is essentially government subsidized anime with the intent of training young animators in Japan to reduce the need of outsourcing which has become all too common in the anime industry in the past two decades. As being fully funded from the government, studios have the luxury to create an anime they would not be able to otherwise because of market demand.

Studio Trigger’s OVA tells a tale of the clumsy but lovable Akko and her desire to become a mage like her role model, Shiny Chariot, after a demonstration she witnessed in her childhood.

LWA has that “oomph” you rarely see in animation today. There is truly something for everyone in this short whether kid or adult. Though this isn’t a particularly deep or complex story, Akko’s journey has such a whimsical feel and sense of wonder akin to Disney movies of yore, I had an unbreakable smile the entire time I was watching this. Trigger’s attention to detail is impeccable and quite possibly the main reason they are able to pack as much character development/plot progression as they do in 26 minutes. Whether it’s Akko fearfully hiding in her seat as she worries for her hero or Sucy as she experiments gleefully with her many potions, it’s these little nuances that make this OVA soar into many people’s future top 10 lists later this year.

If you are a fan of anime, animation, or just a good story; WATCH THIS NOW! 

A 5 out of 5

It is available for free on Youtube and Crunchyroll under the name Little Witch Academia


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