Spring 2013 First Impressions

*Will update as shows premiere*

Surprise Surprise! You might not be expecting this after my post I pushed out yesterday but it made me realize I have been doing a disservice to any potential/current readers on the site. So here you go, my first impressions for shows that managed enough interest from me to check out. I’m still going to do a “One Month Update” into the season as previously stated but thought this was definitely needed.


Genre: Sci-fi, Mecha, Action

Valvrave the Liberator – Well this premiere definitely left me with the most questions at the end, I can give it that. WTF are vampires doing in my mecha after what happened to Haruto injecting himself with I think nanomachines!? I wonder if the show is going to be of a serialized nature if it throws plot twists like that every episode. The characters who we were introduced to were likable enough. Haruto has some of your typical beta traits but I can see him growing up throughout the series. Close friend Shoko who likes him is genki but not ditzy. Also I highly doubt she’s dead after that explosion. The way the episode was structured I found awkward but I wasn’t left frustrated akin to other shows like Guilty Crown or some of the Gundam series. Just as I was expecting the Sunrise visuals were gorgeous and with the split cour confirmation, the quality is likely to be this consistent throughout its run


Genre: Shounen, Adventure, Action

Arata Kangatari – Hate to say this but another premise I’ve seen many times with only meh production values. Even though premise is blasé for me, I did find things I liked. The dual protagonists and storytelling was competently told and It set up the premise it needed to nicely. While it may not be the greatest anime this season it should be a fun one ( for me at least)

Devil Survivor 2 pic

Genre: Mystery, Action

Devil Survivor 2 The Animation – This was a pretty good premiere introducing us to the characters Hibiki, Io, and Daichi. Unlike Yu from the Persona 4 anime who they made completely emotionless because he’s supposed to be a player avatar in the game, Seiji Kishi gave Hibiki a personality. This episode evoked a sense of mystery that really pulled me in and didn’t let go through its concepts like the website Nictaea, demon avatars the characters summon, and the secret organization JP. This also has the best ED of the season by far

Majestic Prince

Genre: Sci-fi, Mecha, Action

Majestic Prince – For a sci-fi mecha, this premiere was a little on the generic side. It didn’t have anything noteworthy unlike the other mecha that has also premiered this season. The main cast of 5 have very one note quirks and all have some of the most jarring character design choices I’ve seen in anime such as the lack of noses. The group rapport was hit or miss and I’m still questioning how this got 24 episodes. I’ll still watch though because I rarely drop shows even if they are god awful bad. It’s a principle I can’t seem to let go of.


Genre: Parody, Comedy

Haiyore Nyaruko san W – Ah more Kana Asumi as moe Cthulu. I enjoyed the first season moderately when I saw it last year. Its parodies were quirky, relevant and the cast always managed to bring chuckles out of me on a consistent basis. It seems this second cour is going to be more of the same so if you didn’t find something to enjoy last time, the same applies to the sequel.


Genre: Comedy

Hataraku Maou Sama – One of the better premieres for a comedy I’ve seen in a while. This is a fish out of water story like we’ve seen many times but the jokes are executed so well you just have to see them in context even if you’re hesitant of this show or even just comedies overall. Maou and Ashiya play off of each other so well it’s ridiculous. The script is snappy and the characters are a riot. Two key components necessary for this genre


Genre: Ecchi, Action

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride – Sequel for more Tits and Ass with a unique artstyle. Moving on


Genre: Action, Adventure

Karneval – I’ve been seeing a lot of hesitancy from people to check this show out and I don’t understand why. “Because it’s Shojo manga so there’s going to be BL!!!!” How condescending and shallow if you ask me. I skimmed the source and it’s less Yaoi; more bromance and friendship. Now that I got that out-of-the-way, another okay premiere. I’m really intrigued by the world this first episode takes place in which seems to be a mix of Eastern Europe in the early 1900s with hints of dark magic. The action was well-directed and enthralling so count me in wherever this ride takes me


Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Oreimo 2 – It seems they’re making the TRUE END from the online episodes last year where Kirino went to America but was brought back canon. Good to see this back in form as it started the Light Novel craze with long as hell titles I’ll never get used to and I still find a retarded gimmick to pull potential people in. If you don’t know what this show is, it can be summed up as Kyousuke dragged around to do what his sister wants whether that’s going to Akihabara or playing eroge.

Photo Kano

Genre: Romance, Galge, Comedy

Photo Kano – You might not know this but I’m a sucker for Seiyuu and this show has them in spades for the heroines which surprised me. Miyuki Sawashiro, Mai Nakahara, Chiwa Saito, and that’s only touching the surface. A galge anime that I said to give a chance in a previous article. So far it seems like a safe adaptation with common girls/archetypes and the beta MC. I have to say though, there were some beautiful shots at times which isn’t a surprise since the MC is into photography


Genre: Dark Fantasy, Action, Shounen

Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) – As for the most hyped show since Sword Art Online, I’m happy to say I enjoyed this premiere. Is it the BEST SHOW EVAR as everyone orgasming on MyAnimeList says? No and it’s only been one episode people. There are a lot of things to like but the art style in particular I’m fond of as it helps accentuate the dreadful setting Shingeki takes place in. Now for the story itself, it’s pretty standard medieval dark fantasy if you expose yourself to other forms of entertainment but I think everyone is so excited about this because it’s something you rarely see done in anime. High budget, decent source (as I’ve heard), and directing from Tetsuro Araki. We might have another landmark show in the making a la Death Note and Gurenn Lagann that has the mainstream pull but can also satisfy more veteran anime fans


Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet – My surprise and favorite premiere of the season so far! I did not expect to warm up to this as much as I did but Butch Gen pulled the rug right out under me. We’re introduced to Ledo and his mech Chamber as they’re fighting the Hideauze, a parasitic like race that humanity struggles against, (Titan and Muv-Luv: Total Eclipse would like to say hi) only to be sent crash landing on a mysterious planet revealed to be Earth. What really struck a chord with me is how I was able to piece together the setting Ledo lives in without the show turning into an info dump. The cinematography is beautiful with colors really popping off the screen so you know Production I.G isn’t holding punches either.


Genre: Shounen, Romance, Comedy

Oregairu – Dubbed “NotHaganai” by other Anibloggers I was surprised at certain aspects of this show. I’m really liking the MC who is a little different from other LN MC’s in that while he  chooses to outcast himself from peers he can hold conversations and stands up for himself. He is very firm with what he wants to do and what he doesn’t want to do which I approve of a lot. I abhorred the “problems” the female leads were talking about this episode though. I get that Yukino is lonely as a result being “too perfect” but she is over-dramatizing  her situation. She’s a lot better off than other people more than she realizes.


7 thoughts on “Spring 2013 First Impressions

  1. C0rti

    I cannot agree with you in some places. E.g. Attack on Titans is a promising anime. There is a huge hype because of manga which people read. I reccomend that you should read some manga before making review. Don’t write about things you don’t know about.

    1. hybridbloodszak Post author

      These are my PREMIERE IMPRESSIONS/THOUGHTS not an episode review. I don’t review things until I see everything in context hence why I didn’t use that word. As I see more episodes I’m sure my opinion regarding the world and characters will change but all I’m doing is giving what I thought of the 1st episode, nothing more.

      As for the recommendation to read the manga, I should be able to enjoy an adaptation on its own and not be forced to check its other media. If I enjoy this so much I end up checking it out that’s great, but right now I want to watch the anime solely

  2. supersalamandar

    Wow, good call on Gargantia, I was actually planning on skipping that one, but after reading your review, I decided to check it out. It absolutely blew away my expectations, and has turned into my favorite show of the season! Thank you, and keep up the good work!

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