Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 20 Thoughts


I can never get enough of Genki Misaki XD

This week was all about petitioning for the life of Sakura Hall. A mostly entertaining episode except some of my personal gripes with characters popped up again. As Ryunousuke put it, Sorata is a very short term thinker always acting on his emotions. It isn’t until he’s made mistakes to realize he screws things up. Thank god for his friends around him to let him know when he’s being a dumbass. Ryunousuke has always been one of the more interesting characters in the series and the flashback this week was reflective of that. Deep down he’s a softie like everyone else at Sakura Hall, it just takes a little more prodding to get it out of him. At this point in the story, I wouldn’t be surprised if the gang actually failed at saving Sakura Hall and instead went their separate ways. Mashiro at the end there was speaking a little cryptically talking about how she’ll save Sakura Hall. Unless I’m reading too deeply into it, Mashiro seemed like she was planning to leave for everyone else’s sake…


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