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Jaded with Young Protagonists

So I just finished Durarara recently and while I loved the first half of the series, the second not so much. The story wasn’t bad or anything and characters weren’t acting unordinary in service of the plot, it was just the characters themselves. What I mean is the trio high school protagonists Mikado, Anri, and Masaomi were where the problems lied for me. They’re highschoolers or more specifically they’re inexperienced. 

In the story these 3 highschoolers are placed into situations akin to adults and the real world. Now I know anime, manga, light novels are most of the time marketed towards young boys so the respective source material is written to cater toward that audience but here’s the thing more than half of anime produced are like that. The reason why I’m so jaded towards young protagonists is because in Durarara the trio get manipulated by the cunning villain Izaya. I’m pissed because when Izaya takes advantage of situation of the trio in the second half it left a really bitter taste in my mouth because of their premature life experience. If any of the other protagonists such as Celty or Shizuo were placed in that situation they would’ve been able to piece everything together. 

Now I’m not saying kid protagonists in anime can’t be smart, there are some I can think of off the top of my head, but more so than not they get taken advantage of by people with more experience. As I stated earlier, I don’t mind these stories if executed but the fact that there are SO MANY anime having this trend making me jaded to shows with younger/inexperienced protagonists. There are times I just want to see anime main characters kick ass and take names and not feel ill equipped for the challenges that take place.

Fate/Zero is a great example, one of the main characters Emiya Kiritsugu faces challenges that are greater than him but his life experience due to the fact that he’s just older allows him to tackle situations with clarity but not OP. Kiritsugu acknowledges Kotomine had more advantages than him going into the war but in the end was able challenge him on satisfying playing field. 

The whole point of this is I hope more anime in the future trend away from the highschooler protagonists. I don’t mind them but having so many main characters getting taken advantage of by villains just because of their lack of inexperience is starting to bore me…


Shounen Fights: Do they need a reason?

“The best fights are the ones where they are an externalization of inner conflict”

This is a quote from an article I read on Moe Sucks in regards to shonen anime that stuck out to me. After reading this I thought about recent shonen I’ve been watching such as Hunter x Hunter, Jojo’s, and Fairy Tail.

My position regarding this statement comes down to “What kind of show is it aspiring to be?” I’ll break down the shows below

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